ZJ FileSeller

✔ You have software products (Joomla™ extensions, Magento extensions, … ), files such as documents, eBooks, mp3, etc and you want to present them to everyone, to let them know and buy your products? It’s time for you to find a tool that can help you do the task fully and automatically. File Seller deserves your choice.
✔ File Seller helps you to manage your documents very effectively with multiple level categories system and friendly administration interface.

✔ File Seller is compatible with Joomla™ 2.5, designed with multiple templates system.
✔ It has multiple payment methods plugin system so developer can create new payment method easily without having to change component core.


✔ Import Virtuemart Products.
✔ Multiple Categories system
✔ Multiple Templates system
✔ Product management
✔ Discount management
✔ Coupon code management
✔ Flexible download restrictions
✔ Multi-payment gateways support
✔ Order management
✔ Powerful tags system
✔ Shopping cart system
✔ Flexible config options
✔ JomSocial integration
✔ Community member integration
✔ jNews Newsletter integration
✔ SH404SEF plugin
✔ 100% MVC model

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