Youtube Gallery

Component, Plugin and Module

Youtube Video,Youtube Playlist (All videos will be placed to the main list), Youtube User Uploads, Youtube Standard Feeds (Most viewd etc), Vimeo, Vimeo Channel, Yahoo Video, College Humor, Break, (live and uploaded videos)


The component that shows a gallery – catalog of selected YouTube videos. All you need is to create a Video List and Theme (Theme can be downloaded free), then add menu item with YouTybe Gallery type, or Module, or use it as Plugin inside of any article.

You may mix different video sources.


top_rated – Top rated
top_favorites – Top favorites
most_viewed – Most viewed
most_shared – Most shared
most_popular – Most popular
most_recent – Most recent
most_discussed – Most discussed
most_responded – Most responded
recently_featured – Recently featured
on_the_web – Trending videos

You may have your own title, description and thumbnail for each video, and optional “Special Parameters”.
To do this type comma then “title”,”description”,”imageurl”,”special_parameters”
Should look like:,”Video Title”,”Video description”,”images/customthumbnail.jpg”
or,”Video Title”,,”images/customthumbnail.jpg”

Special parameters:

Group your videos in categories, adjust the layout with many options, cover the logo, place a “glass” on top of the video, use your favorite shadow/light box.

Enable Cache to increase page load speed.

Also you may use it as a plugin. Just place { youtubegalleryid=videoid,themeid} or { youtubegallery=video_list_name,theme_name} in to any article.


In components / youtube gallery create a new theme and video list add youtube, or one the many other popular video hosting link as shown above. Each Video List and Theme has it’s own ID and name, this ID or Name you should use in plugin.

example 1:

{youtubegallery=Hot for words,Simple Grid} – will show Video List “Hot for words” with Simple Grid Theme, but create it first..

example 2:

{youtubegalleryid=1,2} – will show the gallery with video list id:1 and theme id:2

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