YooTheme – Zeitgeist – Joomla Template

YooTheme – Zeitgeist – Joomla Template | 4,11 MB


Sit back, relax and enjoy Zeitgeist the latest YOOtheme template invention. Zeitgeist combines old and new into a timeless template design. To make this possible we are adding even more Web 2.0 features to this months exclusive YOOtheme Joomla! template. Be sure to check out our latest gadget the YOOmenu system which combines some neat features and effects.

YOOmenu system including Accordion and Slider Menu

YOOlogin extended version of the Joomla! login module to fit perfectly into the template design

New module architecture optimized for placing your images in predefined module boxes

One color fits all? Nope, pick one of the 10 color variations

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