YooRecipe is a recipe and cookbook management suite, designed for J1.6 and more. The bundle is made of a core component and a set of modules (search, gallery, slider, favourites, featured recipes, counter)


** A web2.0 recipe management component
– Category organized recipes
– Cross categories support
– Tag system
– Access Level support
– Automatic conversion of quantities for ingredients
– Frontend submission
– Comments and rating management
– Personal Cookbook and favourites
– Social bookmarks
– Fractions display of recipes’ quantities
– Extensible units
– Google recaptcha for comments

Demo Server Frontend: http://demo17.yoorock.fr/en/home-recipes.html
Demo Server Backend: http://demo17.yoorock.fr/administrator

** Numerous menu types
– Landing Page
– By category
– Most recents
– Most viewed
– Best rated
– By author
– Your cookbook

** An adapted, powerful search engine
– Search by title or keyword, over recipe’s title and content
– Search by category
– Search by ingredient (inclusion or exclusion)
– Supports nested categories

** Easy to use and intuitive
– 100% tableless
– Easily integrate with any template or Joomla framework
– Supports content plugins (videos, galleries…)
– JCE compatible

** Packed with Useful features
– Automatic conversion of takings and ingredients
– Environmentally friendly print
– Send to a friend
– Share with your community
– Fine grained permissions and ACL support

** Technically optimised & SEO friendly
– Supports Google Rich Snippets (SEO)
– Supports URL rewriting and SEF (SEO)
– Optimisation of titles and metas (SEO)
– Numerous display options

And a quality Help and Support forum we try to make the most reactive and efficient possible.

** Supported Languages
– English, American English,
– Spanish, French, German, Dutch
– Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian
– Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian
– Slovenian

** The All-in-one pack comes with:
– cookbook component
– recipe display module
– recipe search module
– recipe gallery module
– favourite recipes module
– browse by recipe categories module
– community builder plugin
– recipe counter module

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