YJ News Slider 1.0

YJ NS1 is Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 native module that will allow you to scroll, scrollfade or fade in your existing  Joomla news items. Yes existing ones. This means that you do not need any additional components or modules anymore and you do not  have to modify your existing news items either.Hardest thing you would need to do is pick the news items category and publish the module.In past 20 days we sat down and looked over the features that are missing from every existing news slider out there and created this module to fit any website and any Joomla content. We did our best to create an ultimate Joomla news display module with many features and simple setup.By listing YJ NS1  features you will understand what was missing in all existing news sliders.



YJ News Slider 1.0 Joomla Extension features

  • 100% Tableless design
  • XHTML Valid
  • CSS Valid
  • JS Valid
  • 508 Valid
  • SEO features build in

Extension Options

  • Display any amount of news items
  • Display news items from any Joomla news category
  • Random, most popular or standard Joomla ordering
  • Display any kind of intro image
  • Adjust slider width and height
  • Add additional styles
  • Use templating system.
  • Change transitions speed
  • Server side compression for all scripts
  • IE PNG fix build in
  • Add custom logo
  • Turn on or off logo and  navigation

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