YJ News Flash 5.0

YouJoomla Extention – YJ Newsflash V5.0 Joomla 1.5 newsflash up/down scroll MooTools 1.1 function. With this module you can show multiple Joomla News items and this way utilize space on your website but still provide plenty information to your visitors.



YJ News Flash 5.0 Joomla Extension features


  • 100% Tableless design
  • XHTML Valid
  • CSS Valid
  • JS Valid
  • 508 Valid
  • SEO features build in

Extension Options

  • Make multiple module copy’s
  • Display Joomla news from section or category
  • Limit number of characters in news item intro text
  • Show/Hide each of the module elements , intro image, news title, create date, read more link
  • Manipulate the position of intro image ( left,right)
  • Fully CSS driven
  • Use CSS module overrides so you do not have to edit module CSS directly. See below default module style.

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