YJ Image Slider 3.0

YouJoomla Extention – Yj Image Slider 3.0 is the most flexible Joomla 1.5 image slider that you can find. It can adapt to any website and any content type. It has the ability to switch from a simple image slider to a complex video or image gallery within seconds. Combined with YJ Multimedia Box 2.0 this image slider is all you need to present your favorite images and can quickly turn in , videos gallery ,banner rotator, news slider, image gallery ,image slider. All CSS properties can be overwritten by your template and this way you can place your intro text and descriptions where ever you like without editing default module CSS styles


YJ Image Slider Joomla Extension features


  • 100% Tableless design
  • XHTML Valid
  • CSS Valid
  • JS Valid
  • 508 Valid
  • SEO features build in

Extension Options

  • Load up to 20 slides!
  • Multiple slide transitions
  • Slide items verticaly or horizontaly
  • Any width or hight adjustament
  • Turn off or on slides on page load
  • Show or hide pagination links
  • Show or hide navigation arrows
  • Show or hide tooltips
  • Show or hide slide intro text
  • Show or hide slide description
  • Run up to 5 multiple copys on 1 page
  • Order slides randomly or by slides ordering
  • Turn multimedia box off for certain slides
  • Use multimedia box links for videos
  • Use multimedia box links for images

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