WPtap News Press – WordPress Theme

Slodive WordPress free theme – News Press theme is a simple and elegant solution for creating an iPhone-friendly News, Blog, and other text-centric WordPress sites.  come complete with all the standard WordPress blog features: search, login, categories, tags, archives, photos & more. It also offers many customization features through a user-friendly WordPress admin panel. It will instantly turn your WordPress site into a mobile application experience.




Standard Features

  • User-selected theme toggle (between WPtap view and your site’s regular look)
  • iPhone web-application appearance and functions
  • AJAX, jQuery & effects in only 50kb
  • The ability to turn advanced javascript effects & ajax on/off
  • Full WordPress search, pages, archives, categories, tags and links support
  • Theme native social bookmarking support
  • iPhone/iPod touch native post e-mailing support
  • iPhone/iPod touch native RSS subscription support
  • Ajax comments, posted in real time
  • Ajaxed pagination (users can browse posts like YouTube videos)
  • Admin selectable custom icons for logo and bookmark icon
  • Manually edit your site’s title and its appearance to fit WPtap theme
  • Admin inclusion/exclusion of author name, date, category, and tags in your post appearance.
  • Admin inclusion/exclusion of site categories, pages, login form shown in the theme’s menu
  • Easily insertion of Google, Admob ads (and more) to your posts



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