Why I Got Blacklisted by Google

Earlier this week, I spoke to a friend whose business was recently blacklisted by Google. Some call this the “Google death sentence,” as he told me. This site could be described as a niche supplier directory with direct ties to the procurement sector. One day, it had hundreds of thousands of inbound Google links and generated thousands of page views from Google every week, if not every day. When my friend woke up the next day, he noticed site traffic had dropped off materially. And when he dug into the issue, he realized nearly all traces of his site on Google had vanished, including all of the individual page indexes.
Don’t buy (or sell) links
You know selling and buying links is against Google’s guidelines right? You also know that many get away with it.
Almost without fail, the links are from spammy, disreputable sites and social networking accounts. Getting a link from them is kind of like going to a job interview with a letter of recommendation from a well-known crack dealer. It hurts you, not helps you.
Unnatural Anchor Text
Getting natural links is a great way to raise your site rankings. Conversely, building unnatural links (or links that appear manipulated or unnatural to search engines) is a great way to lower your rankings. Using anchor text properly is a key tactic.
1. Exact match anchor text is a signal of link building
2. A high percentage of exact match anchor text can result in a Penguin penalty
3. Exact match anchors don’t look natural
4. Exact match anchors don’t entice clickthroughs
5. Exact match anchors used to work  – but don’t anymore
Broken links
What are broken links?Broken links are web links or URLs in your website that are unreachable. In simple terms broken links are URLs in your website that are not functioning or opening. Why should you avoid broken links? Broken links are considered to be of negative value as far as SEO perspective of a website is concerned.
How do you identify broken links?This query forms the objective of this article. You can identify broken links in your website using various tools. But the most reliable tool that provides you the number of broken links along with the URL of the broken link is Google webmaster tools.Now let us see how to detect broken links using google webmaster tools

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