What will happen if Google PageRank update does not roll out June 2013 ?

While surfing the web to explore more about Google PageRank and related stuff, I was surprised to see so many of PageRank Update date predictions and articles on how to know what will be next pagerank. The common thing with these articles was that they were loaded with so many comments which showed how eagerly everyone was waiting for ‘Google PageRank Update’.

Everyone, who is holding online content, especially bloggers who do every possible thing to get high PR’s are putting up lots of effort to get high pagerank.
Google has been updating the PageRank database once every quarter of a year for the last two years. Thus it makes it easy for others to predict the next update date. And everyone wants to increase their pagerank and are putting in effort like link building, guest posting and others. In all this I found a very strange but unique article which was claiming that Google won’t update PageRank this year. When I saw that article, I thought of something which generally no one thinks about.

What will happen if Google PageRank update does not roll out this time?

This is something which will never come up in anyone’s mind. No one will want Google to cancel its update; after all they all have been working for it very hard. But I thought what if Google do not update PageRank this time.

Who will be happy if Google PageRank update is cancelled?

Yes, you heard it right. There are some people who will still be happy if Google cancels its update. Backlink Seller who have made a lot of bucks in the quarter by selling high PR links will not have to worry as Google won’t be lowering their PR’s so they can go with the same link making more bucks for themselves. Google generally tends to lower PageRank from this type of strategies but it will not happen if no pagerank update rolls out.

Who will be very sad if Google PageRank update is cancelled?

This will be the worst possible news for the Newbies who have just started their career as bloggers. When I started, the very first thing I heard about was Google PageRank. I had a habit of checking my pagerank very often, even though I knew that there are no PR updates. For me having my first PR update will be something like a victory and a motivation to carry on my work. If there are no PR update then all their efforts will surely be a waste and will thus make them sad and they may even quit blogging.

People dealing with SEO and webmasters will now have a topic for discussion and it may even lead to research and analysis on Google’s strategy and what they are up to.

Are we so much obsessed with thing PageRank thing?

Well, to tell you the truth, most of us are. All the stuff we do with our online content has the aim to improve our ranking and presence in the online world. It does feel good to see the green PageRank bar especially when it just turns a little bit more greener. However it is not good to be so obsessed.

PageRank is not the only way to show how valuable your content is. It’s your readers who decide if your content is valuable or not. So, all you need to do is provide nice, unique and useful and even fresh articles related to your niche to make yourself a fan following and increase your pagerank the most genuine way.

Google PageRank Update rolls out regularly

Google updates the PageRank on a daily basis but this data is made public once in a quarter only. This prevents others from guessing the algorithm which decides the pagerank of websites.

Google Pagerank will definitely roll out the way it has to be. It was just a random thought which came up in my mind and I thought of sharing it with you all.

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