What to Expect in 2013 in Regards to SEO

Many businesses have seen the recent updates by Google as a ploy to bring down businesses. Even though Google has defended itself saying that the changes are necessary and fair, most website owners are yet to be satisfied with the new terms. In 2013, things are not about to change or get any better for websites. Google, will most probably continue introducing new changes that will have an overall effect on search engine optimization.  Here are a few predictions that will surely come true.
What to Expect in 2013 in Regards to SEO

Confirmation of the negative effects of Anchor texts in links

Although Google has done a little to discourage an anchor text, there is a chance that it might even go further this year. The most probable tactic that will be used in controlling the use of anchor text is to reduce its weight in Google rankings.

Page linking will become more important

Many website owners believe that the more links the better, even links from low ranking sites. This year linking will become more relevant in rankings and Google will not necessarily consider the number of links, but their value and strength.

Realization that Google does not treat +1s as a link

There is a notion that the more the +1s the higher the site ranking will be. This year Google will confirm that this is not true, and that even if it has an effect on ranking it is not in the same way as links.

Google+ will become more involved in search results

Though it is a social site and not many business people pay attention to it, Google+ will become an important ranking technique.

The above may or may not occur, but you can be guaranteed that many changes will be made.

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