What They Are Not Telling You about Setting up Your Own Online Store


These days having your own website is necessary. In fact, almost all retail stores have their online websites that they use to promote their online and realtime business. The website ensures direct-to-customer sales and it allows the company to create a distinct online reputation for itself. However, you know that not all websites are popular and some fall by the roadside completely unnoticed. All these companies set up websites expecting them to become successful. Some become popular while others don’t. That means that the successful website did something different that made it out among so many other similar websites online. For new business owners this can be very important. Small business owners who are wonderinghow to create an online storeneed to learn the tricks of the trade and the following tips should help you do just that.

Choose Your System Carefully

It’s easy to choose free systems that promise the world but it’s a far better idea touse well-known sale solutionsthat can make stunning shops in a few simple clicks. There are several such turnkey solutions online and most of them will include a basic shopping cart, content management system, plug-in options, etc.

These systems are the best as they are made with state-of-the-art software and can integrate into any kind of website. Some of these turnkey solutions also contain several thousand themes, colors, designs and backgrounds that you can choose for your website.

Simplify the Website

Having the best technology on your website is attractive but it’s not what you want or need. Customers come to your website to find your products and because they want to shop. As a result, tone down the tech features on your websites and simplify the navigation. Its easy for website designers to get carried away and fit your website with the latest jing-bang in technology.

However, these same features can slow down your website and they can even make the customer search for common navigational features like PAGES, CATEGORIES, etc. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you use the simplest navigation and tech features on your website. If you are still not convinced, look at Craigslist. This simple classified website has the simplest website online but it is one of the premier go-to websites for any classified ads in the world. This is because the website is simple but it fulfills its functions of being fast, simple and easy to use.

Be Distinctive but Corner the Market

It can be difficult to understand how this works but competitor websites are popular for a reason. Take the time to evaluate these websites and find out exactly what they are offering. Add these features to your website so that your website looks just as good as your competitor’s website. However, this may rebound on you by reducing your business. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to make your website distinctive but competitive with all websites in the same field.

Reach Out To Customers

It is not enough to sell through a website says Forbes. You have to reach out to customersthrough direct ads,indirect mailer campaigns, and other methods to ensure that your website remains in their minds. For example, websites like Cosmopolitan reach out to customers through direct mailers, contests, their social media accounts, newsletters and so on. This type of direct contact also builds an online brand reputation for the company. Customers are happy to interact with their favorite websites and more often than not, they are rewarded in the form of coupons, discount deals, promos, etc. This type of two-way interaction can really make a website popular with the masses.

Listen to Customers

Your customers are your best feedback says Prostores. If they don’t like something about your website, they will let you know and you should listen to these voices. Don’t underestimate internet voices as it takes just a second for a sarcastic meme, comment or even video to go viral all over the world. If you really want to know your customer’s opinions, set up a contest and encourage customers to write in. This should give you a good idea about what is good and bad about your website. You can then implement these changes right away. Most people will have one or two negative views but if the vast majority of customers have negative views about your website, its time for a revamp.

The best thing is that the internet has thousands of resources from all over the world. Most of those resources can help you put up your website quickly and efficiently for the least amount of time and money. All you have to do is search online for effective tools, use them effectively, stick to the basics for sales, and ensure that your website is perfect for your particular needs. The rest will manage itself.

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