Warehouse – Responsive HTML5 Prestashop Theme

Warehouse is a clean and powerfull HTML5 prestashop theme.

Warehouse utilizes many advanced modules and modifications like(rollover images, clean cart, sliders, autocomplete, dialogs). Theme is SEO friendly and is Cross Browser compatible, it’s based on prestashop 1.5 default theme

Responsive and touch optimized design


Prestashop 1.5.1 to

All major browsers(IE8,IE9, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Opera, Safari) and mobile devices



Easy install by prestashop module(theme importer)

Guide in documentation

Support http://themeforest.net/author_dashboard




Please do not ask technical questions by comments on themeforest, it is not easy to handle support this way. Please contact using e-mail: http://themeforest.net/author_dashboard (contact form)



12.01.2013 FIXES

Fixed product list grid problems

Fixed social block icon hover action in firefox and safari

Fixed footer look on big resolution when it is set to content width

Fixed hompage adverts on ie8


Added new responsive menu

Added posibility to hook social block on left column



fixed manucaturers dots on firefox slider

fixed contact form view on min-width: 480px/max-width: 767px resolution

fixed slider loader on responsive design

fixed wishlist sharing

fixed pack items link

fixed loyality point calculating on product page

fixed long subcategories names view

fixed long product names grid view

fixed newsletter compability

fixed homepage adverts on responsive view(with 3 adverts per row)


added option of selecting currency restriction in slideshow and adverts

added more social links, social links now open in new window and are colorfull

added posibility to insert own addthis id in theme editor

added responsive contact block on footer

compatibility check with 1.5.3

added 1.5.3 front office fixes in theme

added shiping cost in block cart

added pause on hover in main slider

added google latin extended font support

subcategories transformed into grid view

improved wishlist, posibility to select wishlist on product page

added refferal program styling

responsive video iframe in product description. To make it work it is needed wrap video iframe(ex. Youtube) with iframe

added posibility to select fixed background attachment in theme editor for body background

added posibility of changing font size in theme editor

added theme design for >1280 resolutions, it is possible to switch on/off this view in themeeditor(with 4 products per row on category view)

15.12.2012 FIXED

fixed manufacturer and supplier logo i manufacturer-list.tpl and suppiler-list.tpl

fixed script and css linking for https support

fixed long category names in menu

fixed ipad landscape and 1024 desktop device view

fixed page title with layered navigation

fixed translation problem with responsive menu

fixed block categories on sidebar

fixed values of number products per page

fixed stores images

fixed euro currency dissapear after cart update

fixed special characters in adresses

fixed font antyaliasing in safari


added more social links in footer

added preloader to slideshow

added whistlist action confirmation

completly new carousel engine with better touch support

added option of disable responsive design in theme editor

added possibility of changing fonts in theme editor

added possibility of enabling sidebar(left/right column) on hompage


Added powerfull themeeditor

Added multilangual adverts on left column


Fixed some small responsive issues

Fixed translation problems


Theme converted into responsive

Fixed some bugs

Additional modules

Prestashop 1.5.2 compatible


New module added: New product slider on hompage

Fixed favorites products and reviews bug

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