VTEM Login

Vtem Extention – The VTEM Login Module is pretty much a copy of the default Joomla Mod_login Module. It’s very easy to use, and there’re very few parameters to set. This is not normal login it realy cool login form based on jQuerys.



VTEM Login Configuration

To configurations your VTEM Login module, navigate to “Extensions > Module Manager” and find the VTEM Login module on the available list.

Click on it to enter inside and to edit the module parameters configuration.

From left to right, set the module in your selected position and enable it.

Before saving the module, you must configurations the following parameters fields:

Module parameters:

Module Class Suffix:
A suffix can be applied from the CSS class of the module and this will allow individual module CSS style.

Module unique ID:
Unique ID for module (must be unique if you have two or more modules on one page) (i.e. vtemlogin1)

Width of the module in px.

Height of the module in px.

Module position:
This is the location of where you want the slide out module to appear in the browser window.

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