Vooloo – Vibrant and Earthy

Bold and modern Africo-chic template! It boasts 6 module positions, collapsible left and top modules (based on your content layout) and many other features. Customized typography has also been created in the CSS file, adding simplicity to the content you add to your Joomla website.


Standards compliant and hassle free

As with all our templates, Vooloo is CSS and XHTML compliant. All modules are fully collapsible, and detailed online install tips and a template guide are available. The CSS files have detailed explanations on each style (for those new and unfamiliar with CSS), and if that is still confusing, our support center and online forums will help you out.

Free auto-install

We have also included in this template our new “auto-install” which simplifies the full install of Joomla (with the JJ Dark Business Template setup as on the demo site) down to 5 easy steps. So if you want to avoid having to installing Joomla, then installing the Vooloo template and then customising all the modules, use the auto installer. It does all of the above in one install. And yes, the auto installer is included for free.

Features Summary

  • 2 column layout
  • 6 module positions
  • All modules fully collapsible
  • 2 top module positions
  • Full width page option without sidebar
  • Detailed styling on contact form and search results
  • Custom styling on polls and login modules
  • Detailed install and tips guide
  • Out of box install and auto-install included
  • Detailed style sheets with comments to guide you
  • CSS and XHTML validated
  • XHTML and CSS compliant
  • Refined CSS

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