Vivid Responsive Fluid Business

New Version 2.0

With 11 color choices, including monochromatic, many sliders, lots of layouts, a NEW coming soon page, Vivid 2.0 is a retina ready, print friendly*, responsive, fluid corporate, gallery, portfolio template for many different types of organizations, artists, photographers, architects, and more. Vivid presents clean fluid design aesthetics and typography that scales with the device width — any device not just the standard sizes.

Tested on…

DESKTOP: ie7*, ie8*, ie9, ie10 (windows 8) and FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. MOBILE: IOS (ipad/iphone), several Android smart phones, and, most importantly, on Opera Mobile (that should cover a lot of smart devices).

It’s a known issue that YouTube and Vimeo iframes creates a js error. It does nothing.

**Some content, like the filtered galleries, are not printable because they are generated by jQuery.

**These older browsers are fixed width and degrade gracefully.*

Too many pages to list, it’s mental. See the demo.

PSD files included

  • fakelogos.psd
  • fancy-new-sprite.psd
  • fancybox_buttons.psd
  • logo.psd
  • open-quote.psd
  • short_headline_bg.psd
  • sign-in-logos.psd
  • touch-favicon-icons.psd

Image Credits and Sources:

Image of responsive showcase image of tablet, laptop, desktop, and phone courtesy of Most of the images in the sliders are either Pixeden or my own work. All other images sources that are Creative Commons are attributed with a credit near the image itself throughout the theme, as per the attribution guidelines. Any images that are not credited are either my own image from my work (buddha, fish, om, logos, photos of me, or whatever I did) or from Wiki Commons and are in public domain. The image used on the Parallax slider is public domain.

Font Credits / Sources

Google font: Bree Serif

Font Awesome

Entypo Icon Font

Social Icon Font

Version 2

Version 2.0

  • Initial release. This is a totally different theme with the same name. There is no upgrade path (these are static files after all) from the old version to the new version. Read the instructions page on the theme demo to learn more.

Version 1 Change Log

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release

Version 1.0.1

  • 8 January 2013: Fixed two things in the header.css that only affected mobile devices: top position of the #main_menu and the z-index of the social tool tip.

Version 1.0.2

  • Changed header.css file to add some extra support for ipad and .no-js appearance of the menu on mobile sizes (though rare, old handhelds might dig this)

  • scripts.js is updated to address ipad menu support, ipad user gesture/scrolling bugs interacting with jQuery window scroll functions, and search input functions in the header.

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