Vision – Simple Joomla Business Template

Vision is a professional business template that features unprecedented artistic creativity. It will impress your clients and keep your business fresh.

Sleek photo displays

Once you see Vision, you’ll understand where it gets its name. It has an awesome image fading module that also display captions that link directly with your content. It could display your products or your service.



JB Slideshow

Integration with Joomla components

Vision comes ready to harness the power of Joomla, but also to give it a new skin. With the use of template overrides, we can replace the default Joomla login module with our own.

The JB Drop Panel

The JB Drop Panel is a sleek module drop panel you can use on your site to create a secret panel area for saving valuable space. Using the drop panel is as simple as publishing any module to the cpanel position.

Typographical Styling

Vision is setup with a full range of typographical styles. It also includes support for various icons that can add flavour to your site.

Modules galore

Vision has a total of 13 module positions for your content.

Superfish and Panel Menus

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