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The module is used to manage the URL of products, of categories, of CMS and categories of CMS as you wish. For instance we can have this kind of  URL for an iPod Nano (basis product on PrestaShop):  http://www.monsite.com/musique/ipods/ipod-nano.html As you can notice it, the numbers in the URL are deleted and the subclasses are added.


Are changes needed in the CORE of PrestaShop ?

They aren’t. As soon as the module is set, your URLs are rewritten automatically.

Does it slow down the pages?

It slows down the pages only the first time (and the slowing down lasts from 0.1 to 1 sec, depending on the number of products).

But the module was created in an intelligent way. Indeed it has a system of “mask”. It works thus just once. Then it can do nothing during months.

Furthermore it works before the customer i.e. it creates links before the customer surfs on the page concerned.

What about the referencing?

The URLs play an important role in the referencing of Internet sites. With this module it is possible to improve the basic URLs by deleting the numbers or by inserting key-words and so on.

Where can you see the module in action?

There is no demo store . However you can see it on the website http://www.deguisement.fr (which is in 1.1 version so the module has been adapted).

But you can see that the URLs of products, of categories and of CMS are no longer the same as on a basic version of PrestaShop.

Update log

2.1 (05/03/2011)

  • Support of multi-mulanguages
  • Fix bug in .htaccess
  • New variables
  • Now, you can change cache filename


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