Urgency Drupal Theme

Sooperthemes Drupal Theme – Urgency As a tribute to Drupals’ role in online activism we designed a bold and strong theme, perfect for clear and powerful communication. You write the text and Urgency gets the message across.This design is most suitable for activism, political and brochure websites but thanks to the large choice in color schemes it’s easily adapted to suit regular weblogs and business sites.



Standard Sooper Features. Setting the standard for superb quality

  • Featuring your content in a slick looking slideshow has never been easier! Sooper SlideshowKit helps you build a slideshow configure it just the way you want. With Sooper StarterKit or with our documentation your slideshow is up in minutes!
  • Powered by our own SooperFish jQuery plugin, the DropdownKit offers multi-level animated menus, fully integrated with Drupals’ menu system. Everything about the menus can be finetuned with advanced configuration options!
  • Make blocks stand out with the Skinr module! The Skinr integration offers eye-catching callout-skins as well as per-block control over typography and color. Also use Skinr skins for point and click grid design.
  • All theme by SooperThemes can be configured to have any fixed OR flexible layout width. The grid system fully supports flexible layouts and thanks to some CSS sourcery it will all work perfectly in older, less gifted browsers (ie6).
  • he Sooper FontKit gives you choice out of 25+ awesome extra fonts. You can also easily add your own fonts using the Cufon website and just putting it in a folder in the theme.
  • We offer tailored designs by integrating all themes with Drupals’ color module. Create your color scheme in seconds with the Sooper Configurator, press save and watch how CSS and images are recolored to give birth to your unique design!
  • With the Background-ImageKit you can choose from the 10 different backgrounds that come with the theme, add you own background images, or turn off the background image and set a solid background color with the color picker!

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