Twitter Roll Deluxe

v3.1.1a Bug Fix. Upgrade recommended.

v3.1.1 is an ADDED FEATURES UPGRADE for J2.5 & J3.x!


Ever since I first released Twitter-Roll ‘The Module’ & ‘The Plugin’, I’ve been looking for a better more versatile way to render tweets from Twitter. After doing a little research I found what I was looking for right inside the Twitter website itself.

Now, there are a few other Joomla (Commercial & non-Commercial) modules that are using this Twitter framework however no one is offering to you all of it’s power… until now! I have field stripped the JS code and found several ways to improve upon it and offering all enhanced functions back to this Joomla module. With Twitter Roll Deluxe you have the ability to select one of three totally different search options, custom create your own module layout to reach that perfect look and feel, custom craft your own personal tag line on the bottom right hand side of the module along with extra options upon options upon options! With Twitter-Roll Deluxe you get it all and you get it for FREE!

Version 3.1.1 Added ability to color customize the Timeline & Hashtags as well as an option to have this information in bold or normal font weight.
Added ability to color customize the Footer Text (bottom right).

Version 3.1.0 new feature include: Language support for the Timeline & Hashtag. Currently supporting English, German, Spanish & French with more to come!

Version 3.0.0 new features include: Show/Hide Timestamp & Hashtag line, Show/Hide header avatar, Adjust title and screenname font size or hide them all together, Show/Hide separation line between tweets, No longer needing to encase your twitter searches with the ‘ampersand’ symbol (PLEASE NOTE: If you are upgrading, you will need to remove your old ampersand symbols.), a complete module options re-design plus extras upon extra module options!
Currently v3.0.0 is only available for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x releases!

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