TP2 – Drag N Drop Modules management system

TP2 is the only extension that give you the ability to see ALL your positions on one page and use DRAG N DROP interface for adding new modules in any positions.

TP2 make your website modules management intuitive and simple for changing.


TP2 Features:

* Displays and manage all the template positions on one page
* Displays active modules in each position.
* Adding modules with Drag N Drop!
* Change module position with simply drag n drop from one position to another!
* Easy modules editing.
* Easy trashing modules.
* Manage modules via Front End.

version 1.2.0 – Support T3 Framework!
version 1.3.0 – with new ACL feature, minor bug fix.
version 1.5.0 – support Joomla 3.0!

TP2 – managing your modules never been so easy!

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