Top Unforgettable Things Before Signing up Google Adsense

Many people apply for Google Adsense and fail to get approval. However, maybe they don’t know the reason why their websites/blogs are not good fit with Google Adsense. Therefore, if you want to be approved, you will be sure to meet the following requirements before applying for the famous Ads page of Google.


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1. Have an eligible Website/Blog for 6 months at least
Before applying for Google Adsense, you must have a website which meets its following requirements:

  • It is necessary to have original, articulate, and useful content
  • Having at least 10 well-written articles of 500 words or more each on your site
  • Having a great looking theme
  • Having a logo designed.  You can do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do
  • Making sure that your site is fully developed with content, logo, layout changes BEFORE you submit the site to Google
  • Paying attention to content type because Google Adsense is not for Pornographic, Illegal Items, Drugs or other Blogs/Sites like that. It won’t be willing to allow you to step in if you own a Non English site
  • Having a Privacy Policy on your site. A Privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your Site, what they should do and what they should not. So obviously there is nothing bad in having a Privacy Policy. While it can affect somehow on your Adsense Approval, you must give it a try
  • Creating “About Page” item on your site/blog to about you and your Blog. This will not only help you establish a relationship with readers but it will also make them trust upon you
  • Creating “Contact US Page” item on your site/blog. Google Adsense Team will view your site that you actually care about your readers and not only the money and Adsense
  • Operating your sites for at least 6 months. Google Adsense requests this to ensure the quality of advertising network and protect the interests of advertisers and existing publishers.

Remember:  It is unable for you to apply to Google Adsense if you use a site that has ever been used for Google Adsense before.

2.  Age verification: you are at least 18 years old
Because Google Adsense is not for under 18 people, you will be accurate while typing your age.

3. Comply with Google Adsense policies, Terms and Conditions
Be sure that your site complies with Google Adsense policies before submitting your application. Keep in mind that Google Adsense may change their policies at any time, and per their Terms and Conditions, it’s your responsibility to keep up-to-date with them.

4. Name/ Email Verification
You must make sure to put your Name and Email address in some easily visible area like About Page and Contact Us page. It will confirm to Google Adsense Team that it is the same person who applied for Adsense and not some spam.

5. Top Level Domain
You must have your own unique domain that specifies your Site/Blog. If you don’t have one yet, stop dreaming about getting approved with Sub domains and go buy a Top Level Domain.

6. Remove other Ad Networks
If you have any other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or anything, it’s time to drop them off. Even Google Adsense allows you to use other Ad Networks along with them, it’s better to remove the ads before Applying and don’t put them back until you get a reply from Adsense Team.

7. Ignore Paid Traffic
You should ignore paid traffic but if you want to earn via Google Adsense because Google hates the sites that are getting Paid traffic and mostly penalizes them so there is not a chance of getting Adsense Approval letter for a site with paid traffic.

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