Top SEO Tips Fly Your Worries Post Penguin

Algorithm Google Penguin and its updates have been launched to combat web-spam. There have been to four updates of Penguin up to now and Penguin 4 was made public on May 22, 2013, impacting 2.3% of queries. To help your business stay at the top of the search engines despite this change, we’ve gathered top search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help you survive regardless of possible updates of Google Penguin.


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1. Only creating valuable backlinks
Google Penguin attaches special importance to the quality of backlinks associated with your site. Focus on creating your own natural organic links which Penguin tends to reward with higher rankings on the SERPs.

2. Only publishing valuable and original content
Keep the attention of your customers by only providing meaningful contents on your site. If you have beautiful and original content, you will develop a readership which will grow to view you as an authority in your field and increase your traffic.

Never duplicate content from another website. Instead, write high quality unique content for your website or hire a good writer to help you.

3. Avoid thin content
In Google world, there is no place for thin content. These are content that are short and have very little informational value. Many of the articles written pre-Panda and pre-Penguin seem to be obviously written just for SEO purposes because they were usually around 100 words only. In post-Panda and post-Penguin time, content such as research, analysis, in-depth reports, and the like, earn good rankings.

4.  Keeping Regular Timeline
Google’s search results are extremely time-sensitive. To keep or improve your rankings on the SERPs, be sure to keep a regular schedule where you constantly update your site at least once per week. If you maintain a blog associated with your product or service, this is the perfect medium through which you can regularly update your website.

5. Taking advantages of Social Media platforms
If you aren’t already part of all major Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…etc), make it a top priority. Social Media’s popularity is only growing with time and as a vastly free method of getting your brand recognized, it is a great opportunity to market your business to an ever-growing audience.

6. Go white hat

It is very important to follow white hat SEO tactics from now own especially since Google seems to be bent on cracking down on websites that engage in black hat SEO. It is not an excusable if the SEO company you hired is the one engaging in so-called black hat SEO strategies because your website is the one that will be affected by these bad SEO strategies. So make sure that the company handling your website’s SEO does not use black hat SEO.

7. Say goodbye to bad links

This is something which should have been avoided even before the Panda and Penguin updates. So make sure that all your past and future backlinks are in good-quality websites as well.

What to do if your site “lost” positions and traffic after Google Penguin?

First of all, don’t panic and don’t make any sudden movements. For example, according to, the worst thing – start to remove backlinks. Even low quality back links can be useful. And if you actively start removing backlinks, without reason your ranking may fall even lower.

You must analyze situation and find out what kind of traffic has been lost and what actions could lead to website pessimization. Try to correct all the mistakes and wait for the next algorithm update.

For those who believe that they suffered from Penguin unfairly, Google has created a special form of feedback. But as the new filter is applied to a site automatically and not manually, these complaints, most likely, won’t have any sense.


According to a study done by, when Penguin was first released in 2011 an estimated 12% of SERPS were affected, penalizing less original and relevant sites, while pushing more original sites to the top. The ultimate goal of this update is to help people find the most relevant material possible, so it behooves you to focus your energy on publishing up-to-date original content along with beautiful visuals that you alone have the right to publish.

Google algorithms are continuously moving us in the direction of excellence. Considering all that your website can suffer by getting slammed by a Google update, it behooves you to implement suggestions like these into your next SEO campaign before you suffer from the wrath of Google algorithms like Goggle’s Penguin Update.

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