Top 5 Premium Joomla! Extensions for 2013

If you run a Joomla! website, extensions can provide the added functionality that you need to create a more powerful and feature-rich site. There are thousands of extensions available for Joomla! users, but which are the best ones? Here is a countdown of five of the top premium extensions in the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) that you may want to use to improve your website.

1. RSForms Pro

RSForms Pro is one of the best form builders for Joomla! It is a superb extension for anyone who needs to create high-quality, professional forms for their website, whatever purpose you may need them for.

Many websites have a basic contact form, but if you require more than this then an extension like RSForms Pro is ideal. You can add custom fields and questions, and you can display information exactly how you want to. It is intuitive and easy to use, and also comes with multi-page forms and reCAPTCHA spam protection. There are also many third-party plugins that you can add to improve the functionality of your forms even further.

2. swMenuPro

swMenuPro is one of the best extensions for Joomla! for creating professional menus. There are a huge range of styles to choose from so you can easily update the appearance of your site.

Choose from drop-down menus, pop-out menus, and use tree-menu systems, CSS and HTML assignments for any menu items, features such as rounded corners, and an extensive range of fonts. This extension has been around for many years but still remains very popular, and if you want to get more from your menus it is ideal.

3. jCal Pro

If you need to include a calendar on your website then this is one of the best extensions available. It allows you to create attractive and robust calendars from a wide range templates, and the whole process is very simple and incredibly flexible.

Handling events is made very easy, and it includes a range of features including geolocation, multiple calendars, recurring events, event moderation, private calendars, and community calendars. You can also enjoy reCAPTCHA spam protection for submissions, and it can be integrated with other extensions.

4. RSFirewall!

Websites can often be vulnerable to attacks from hackers, and if you run a large website and you want to ensure that you do not fall victim to attacks, this extension is a great option. It is a very advanced security extension that includes a range of powerful features to protect your website 24/7.

With features including IP denials, lockdowns, countermeasures for attacks, file filters, and security updates, it provides a complete security package. You can use it to scan your website and get alerted to vulnerable areas, and a team of experts is constantly updating the extension to provide protection from the latest threats. You can even get email and SMS alerts when security issues are detected.

5. JomSocial

JomSocial allows you to convert your Joomla! website into a social network. It is a complete solution for your social requirements, and by using it you can develop your own community and help to keep people engaged when on your site.

It contains a wealth of features including profile management, photo sharing, event management, and video sharing, and it also comes with powerful privacy control. It is a very flexible extension, and extra functionality is provided through the numerous third-party extensions that are available for it.

Get More from Your Joomla! Website

Joomla! is a powerful platform for creating any website. However, you can get even more from your site my using extensions that allow you to significantly improve the look, feel, and functionality of your site. Take a look at the above extensions to see if they could work for your site, and you may also want to explore the thousands of other extensions available.

Callum Hurst is a Joomla! extension developer and likes keeping up to date with all new developments in the field. His articles mainly appear on CMS blogs. Check out the Who Is Hosting This service when choosing hosting for your sites.

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