Top 10 Ignorable Tips to Create Attractive Blog Content

It is not too difficult to create posts which are very attractive to readers and encourage them to come back your blogs. However, you maybe unsuccessful if you have no a clear orientation for every your post. This article will give you some tips to produce content worth reading:

Top 10 Ignorable Tips to Create Attractive Blog Content

Top 10 Ignorable Tips to Create Attractive Blog Content

1. Determine your target audience

Before you begin writing, you should know who your audience is and what they need. Writing for the wrong audience is utterly pointless.  If your audience is middle-aged adults and you write an article geared towards young adults, your article will not do well.

2. Niche Research

Always perform extensive research on your niche before you begin writing.  Conceptualizing, along with brainstorming are two practices that are essential to good research.  Take time and do the work properly.  It will pay off when people fall in love with your writing.

3. Create Outline

Write an outline.  It will help you connect your ideas in an organized, sensible fashion.  All professional writers use outlines to guide them when writing content that is to be read by millions of people.

4. Create Clickable Title

Your title is extremely important. People who search for information online use a set of words that relate to titles.  You have to have these words in your title. If you have a great article with a bad title, it will be overlooked.

Try to use concise and catchy titles which should radiate the quintessential heart of your article to entice people to read more. Your title must facilitate grabbing the attention of browsers and getting them to click on your content.

5. Create opportunities for readers to offer helpful tips; Encourage Sharing

Write a post about the problem you’re facing or something your customer is facing and open the door to your readers to contribute unique tips each to solve the issue.

Share a personal problem you’ve experienced in a post and explain how you handled it. Then ask your readers to share how they would handle a similar situation. If you can get them to submit their thoughts in about 400 words or so, that’s a

blog post you can use. With just one move, you manage to engage your readers plus get blog posts out of it.

6. Share Half a Story and Ask for Projected Outcomes

This is a spin-off from the old college game of spin the tale. Write a post detailing a problematic business or personal situation without detailing the final outcome. Ask your readers to contribute ideas for possible outcomes.  You can suggest some ideas from your side to motivate them along.

7. Use the First and Second Grammatical Person

Write directly to your audience using first and second person only. This makes your reader feel closer to you and creates a virtual bond of familiarity.

8. Use the Active Voice and be Direct

Long, droning passive voice sentences are okay for legal docs and long procedural guides. When it comes to your blog post, keep the voice active. Your reader must be able to relate to the information you’re presenting in a live sense. The purpose will be totally defeated if your blog reads like old prose.

Use active verbs instead of inactive verbs to deliver a direct, immediate and energetic impact. The difference is the directness of the tone and also the direct action mode.

9. Provide Conclusion

No one has tons of time to read every line of every post. Encapsulate the essence of your article in a short conclusion to help out these busy people. Your conclusion should ideally tie up your points together and provide a short glimpse of what the article is all about.

10. Use Resource Box

Resource boxes are major assets in your stash of marketing tools.  It is your online business card and it helps you enhance your networking capabilities.  It has multiple benefits.  You can include anything that is important in it, but keep it simple and relevant.  This will help increase traffic that is highly targeted.

Your resource box should have a short description of your skills and profession.  List major achievements that relate to the content you write about.  This will help your readers make connections with you and your ideas, as well as establish your credibility in your niche.


Quality content is subjective.  It requires you to have many literary skills. You can expose yourself to a variety of literary styles. Therefore, you should read more and more to get new words, knowledge, especially in your niche.

Use good research and learn about your audience, use a catchy title and include a strong resource box. These three strategies will help your article earn visibility and build your online reputation.

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