Top 10 Favorite Linking Building Ways in 2013

The possibilities of link building are endless. You can build links in many different ways; you just have to be creative. Here are helpful strategies for you to build links.
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1. High Visibility
There are websites which already receive millions of visitors per month. One option in your strategic arsenal is to buy links from those websites. The factors you need to consider for this plan are:

  • Location on the page
  • Format/style of the link (image? text? widget?)
  • Call to action (brand name? consumer-oriented? non-descript URL?)
  • Inventory (sitewide link? homepage link? deep content link? multiple pages?)
  • Cost (what are you willing/able to pay?)
  • Disclosure (not required by US law but other jurisdictions may apply)

You may be able to use advertising brokers, link brokers, or go directly to Website sales associates.

2. Low Visibility
Guest posting is fast becoming another Web spam practice. The best guest posts create value for the blogs that publish them. The factors you need to consider for this plan are:

  • The frequency/regularity of contribution to each partner site
  • The depth and detail of information you share compared to that of the blog owner(s)
  • How much your content will help the blog increase its natural traffic
  • Being featured in any prominent sitewide or external promotions

Guest posting that eschews links-for-search is a powerful reflective marketing practice. But you have to create an audience expectation that you will fulfill on a regular, frequent basis: that they will find a new article from you they want to read.

3. Social Media

Your goal with a social media link building strategy is to be the “go-to” person in your niche. You want people to click on your links so they have to believe you will only provide them with helpful links. Factors to consider for this plan are:

  • Web marketing is a PARTNERSHIP. GET successful partners here …
  • How much you differentiate your social media outreach from everyone else’s (by providing distinctive, positive value)
  • How much you support others involved in social media communities (versus simply publishing links for people to click on)

4. Mobile App
If you can create an app that will so intrigue people they click through to your Website from their mobile devices. Think of the app as a micro Website. It is a publishing channel on a special branch of the Internet.  If you cannot create the app then create a mobile-friendly Website that is so useful and helpful in the mobile environment that people won’t mind navigating to it through their mobile browsers/RSS readers/etc.
Factors to consider for this plan are:

  • Multiple platform appeal/usability (smart phones vs tablets)
  • How much you can promote the app/mobile site to the right audience
  • Amount of work required to publish/update the app/mobile site (static content probably won’t work in most cases)
  • Designing a call to action (the “link”) that fits with the mobile presentation

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5. Interview experts
One of the easiest ways to build links is to interview experts. If you email someone on how great they are and how you want to interview them, it’s rare that they will say no.
So how do you build links when you interview an expert? Well most experts have a website, so once you interview them you can ask them to share it with their readers or even tweet and post it on Facebook.

6. Infographics

Making complex data easy to understand through beautiful graphics. So what’s the key to generating links from your infographics? Well you first need to have an embed code at the bottom of each infographic so people can link back and secondly you should follow the promotion strategies in this blog post.

7. Personalized videos

If you can come up with a creative video concept that allows people to personalize the video, you can leverage it to build links. People love sharing funny personalized videos.

8. Take some pictures

There are always people looking for images, especially high quality stock photography images. If you have a really good digital camera, you can go out there and take high quality photos of anything related to your industry. Then pop them up on a page on your website and let people know that they are royalty free images. Just make it a requirement that people need to link back to you if they decide to use any of your images.

9. Get press
The side effect of getting press is that you’ll build more links to your website. It’s rare that a site like Forbes would write about your company and then not link to it.
That’s just not user friendly, which is why reporters always link to you when they cover you or your company. If you want to build links, why not get press for your business or your entrepreneurial success?

10. Give away swag
Get creative and start giving bloggers swag. From shirts to hats, to items, to anything else that is related to your brand, just start giving things away. Not only will bloggers love you, but they will start blogging about your company and linking back to your website.

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