Top 10 Best Tips You Should Apply to Increase Subscribers and Traffic

It is not difficult to start a Blog/site, but it is no easy to get enough traffic and readers to the blog/site. How do you get more and more subscribers? Applying these tips might help in getting more subscribers as you want.

Top 10 Best Tips You Should Apply to Increase Subscribers and Traffic

Top 10 Best Tips You Should Apply to Increase Subscribers and Traffic

1. Placing Subscription Box or Icon on Site

Subscribers may not come back to your site if you don’t place any feed Subscription box on your site, get a big RSS icon and neat RSS form on your homepage and below your posts respectively. Just make sure that any form you used was well placed on your site.

  • Let them know that the subscription is free and fast.
  • Tell them you hate spam and you won’t spam them.
  • You can consider using MadMimi newsletter.
  • Encourage new subscribers by sending them personal messages.

2. Free Offers, Contest and Giveaways

You should consider offer giveaways and free offers if you really mean business in increasing your subscribers. Write an interesting eBook and give it out for free; this will be very helpful because everyone love free offers.

  • Don’t tell them they must subscribe to your updated before they can win, but rather tell them that you will announce the winner through your RSS feed subscription link or newsletter, even those who doesn’t participated will subscribe to know the winner.

3. Show off with your Subscribers

Show off with the number of your subscribers as sometimes many subscribers like to follow up with the blog having good numbers of subscribers. If you let them know the amount of your subscribers will motivate them to try and give your Blog a shot.

  • Only do this if you have average subscribers, or telling a white lie about your subscribers by increasing the size, any which way you’re looking for subscribers.

4. Recover Unverified Email Subscribers

Before the RSS subscription process will complete, subscribers need to verified the process with their mail, sometimes some people are lazy and some are ignorant of the process there by ending up not completing the process, if your unverified subscribers go as high as 30-50% percent you may finally end up losing approaching subscribers, but good enough you can send message through email to those subscribers to remind them of their unsuccessful process.

  • You can use your webmail account to this, as it creates more standard than using other mail services.

5.  Ask People to Subscribe

Some people don’t do something if you don’t ask them to, you could ask them to subscribe to your feeds and give them reasons to subscribe.

  • At the end of your post you may say something related to this, “dear readers, my next post will be on “how to get 10,000 of subscribers” you might want to subscribe to my updates to get it firs hand” and add your subscription link.

6. Check for Subscription Broken Link

All links get broken and unlink themselves this thereby causing you to loose new subscribers or your updates may end up not reaching your subscribers, so its your duty to check on your RSS feed link and your reach stats to pretty sure is working good, click on your link once in a while and enter a dummy email to make sure your subscription link is working good.

7. Use feed Directories

Some people say they used feed directories to get hold of new subscribers, you too might want to haunt for new subscribers using feed directories, oh no! Are you picturing to get thousands of new subscribers with this method?

8. Create Category Feeds

If you don’t have many categories, this might be skipped but to those who post on different categories you wouldn’t risk your readers who read a nice computer tips on your site and subscribe to your update just to receive some nice computer tips to be receiving  blogging tips post which he doesn’t have any interest in, to prevent this you can individually offer an RSS feed for each of your categories, this will enable each subscriber to get specific topics and not your whole content, WordPress users can easily do this but if you’re on blogger you might want to go extra miles to check which subscribers have the same common interest.

9. Use your RSS feed link when Commenting

It pretty work if you turn it into daily habit, but sometimes when comment luv not enabled and you have the opportunity to leave your site url, why not using your RSS feed link?

10. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a terrific way to raise your subscribers base. Guest blogging can help you to introduce your brand new site to a larger group of audience. Guest posting is an another excellent approach to increase your blogs backlinks. Just make sure you keep your article prepared for guest posting as popular bloggers do not have sufficient time to get into a conversation, they will simply say. Submit your article for review!!

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