Top 10 Best Practices SEO After the penguin 4 update 2013

The success will come to you if an SEO strategy is made by you in proper ways. These are top 10 best SEO practices in 2013 you could not ignore to obtain your successful purposes:

1.  Optimized and quality content for marketing
You should always focus on quality content to enhance or improve users experience (UX). This is the only factor that will remain constant for many years to come. The quality content means they are informative, useful, actionable, unique and original. They are optimized for quality websites – user friendly, mobile friendly, great navigation structure, fast loading, content above the fold, etc..
Marketing content is in integral part to any business, especially internet-based businesses, the use of social media and blogging is something that all well informed business owners need to use to their advantage. If you want to satisfy Google and initiate organic traffic, your standard marketing content needs to be blended with new and relevant content. Google implemented algorithm changes recently, and in order to satisfy the four most important criteria.

  • Freshness – Fresh and relevant content, such as press releases, blogging, case studies, news updates and upcoming events is given priority by Google.
  • Panda – Avoid penalties by distributing your content to recognised sources that will improve your ability to build relevant backlinks.
  • Google+ – The basis for social networking is relationships. Strong relationships will help to prove relevance in your field. Google+ is integral to the most recent Google algorithms so building circles and sharing content is vital to your success.
  • Search plus Your World – One of the most important things you can do is share your content on Google+ as it provides a much further reach than alternative social networks.

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2. Extensive Keyword research
The establishment of proper keywords helps you create a main body filled with high quality, optimized content. In the world of internet marketing, one of the most important elements is selecting correct keywords. The selection of keywords is crucial in where your company shows up in search engines.  Competition for keywords that have a high ranking is at its greatest currently. It is imperative to be OUTCOME FOCUSED, and not keyword obsessed, when selecting optimal keywords and phrases.

3. Technical SEO Fundamentals and Foundation
The marketing strategy focuses on the creation of a sound foundation and the technical SEO fundamentals for your campaign. The creation of a strong foundation is a critical step in establishing a stable web presence. During this step, onsite SEO work is done to updating pre-existing title tags, site maps, and other items. If relevant to the success of your business, a listing on Google Places can be established for your company. We also establish and link social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and other social sites. To diagnose anything that could be affecting your rankings, we perform a full diagnostic report to locate errors. This is just a brief list of steps used by us to help your campaign, and like Google Algorithms, it is constantly changing.

4. Publish, Socialise, Share!
The creation of your optimized relevant content is not enough if you are not getting it to your target audience. By distributing your content, on a frequent basis, across your website, press release sites, social networks, blogs, and emails you will get your information to your audience as well as create key marketing elements. You will build backlinking, create signals in social networks, develop index content on Google, and there will be a foundation in place for sales pitches for potential clients.

5. Track, Measure, and Improve
One more step involved in a successful campaign is measuring and improving. Through the continuous monitoring of your campaign, we can make sure you are getting the results you want. …“If you can measure you can improve.”

6. Mobile and Multi Compatible Devices
The sheer amount of technology being invested on devices that are portable and mobile, are astounding. From tablets, to smartphones, etc., even cars now have access to the internet. The traditional desktop computers as we know it, are probably going to be replaced with the so called “hybrid” devices. There are many ways you can make your site compatible to multiple devices. Some are good and some are not so good. just do a bit of research and make a well informed decision.
7. Structured Data (, micro format, etc.)
Structured data is a way for search engines to understand better what your content is about. Google and other search engines created a structured data standard called While this may sound all complex to you, the fact is, it is. Fortunately, there is always someone out there to make all this complicated things easier for us. Brought to you by the creators of Google analytics configuration tool and Raven IM tools, this Schema creator tool is totally free to use and it comes with a WordPress plugin as a bonus. Cool!

8. Authority & AuthorRank
The author-meta gets a new lease on life with Google promoting the AuthorRank metric. It’s a little more complex than that now, however. You will have to enable rich snippets for your website, make sure your Google+ profile is filled up, and link them up with your blog/website. AuthorRank has emerged as a very important and tangible metric that affects page rank, and is one of the on-page SEO tactics you should definitely do. Not only will it improve your rankings, but it will also improve your click-through rate in the SERPs.

9. SEO-Optimize All Video
Web-marketing experts said that the future of the web is video—in the sense that most people logging onto the web will be consuming video more than any other medium. Google has seen the writing on the wall and is heavily rewarding business sites that optimize video properly. “Video optimization is one of the fastest ways for visibility in Google results,” said Small Business SEO’s Rognerud.”

10. Get Educated

The best way would be to get yourself educated, and evidently taking action on what you’ve learned.
Give yourself a running start by accessing some time-tested guides that give you the inside track on SEO done right. To create an instant, free beginner’s SEO library, Google the following: “Google Webmaster Academy,” “Another Step to Reward High Quality Sites,” “Google’s SEO Report Card,” “Best SEO Tips and Practices for 2012,” “Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO” and “How to Fix On-Page SEO Problems Using Bing Webmaster Tools.”

SEO is critical to the success of your business, given that websites not optimized for search engines are generally much less trafficked—and often all but forgotten. With SEO, you’ll give your website the best chance possible to be found by the search engines and also the customers you’re looking to acquire. Annually internet marketers spend billions of dollars from their budgets so search engines will pick them up organically. Simply put, if you do not play the game, you will be defeated. Regardless of the changes made to Google, this fact will not change. Investing in SEO is something that business will continue to invest in, as the number of searches performed daily is well over a billion.

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