TN Kontroller – Drupal Themes

  • Drupal 6.x compatible
  • Easy to Set Up – Setup takes only a few minutes!
  • No Installation Profile Needed – Kontroller can be used on your current Drupal 6 site as well as on any new Drupal 6 installation!
  • CSS 3 Effects – Small details come alive with the help of CSS 3!
  • Collapsible Sidebar – The Sidebar area will collapse to show content in full width when you need it!
  • SEO Friendly Source Code – All titles and sections use H tags for search engine love!
  • Ad Space Galore – Kontroller uses IAB standard ad sizes in Blocks and UnOrdered Lists!


  • jQuery Featured News Fader – Configure your Front Page with the jQuery news fader. You can choose from different configurations that allow you to control the type of fade, the length of the fade and node title display!
  • Easily Configure Front Page Display – You can choose the number of stories and where they will appear in each section of the Front Page!
  • Clean Source Code – Source Code is clean and loads fast!
  • Slick CSS Drop Down Menus – 2 Levels of CSS Drop Downs!
  • User Pics in Comments – Your member’s avatar will appear next to their comments!
  • Menu Icons – Use 16×16 icons with special menu items!
  • Automatic Image Sizing with Imagecache – Images are automatically resized via Imagecache!
  • Easy Tagging – Makes use of Drupal’s native Taxonomy for easy tagging and classification of content!
  • And Much More…

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