Tips for More Money from Adsense to Run into Pocket Overnight

There are things that many bloggers could do on their blogs that could bring about large increases in their AdSense earnings in 24 hours or less. Here are somes ways you can apply.

Tips for More Money from Adsense to Run into Pocket Overnight

Tips for More Money from Adsense to Run into Pocket Overnight

1. Ad Positioning
Ad positioning is vitally important to the performance of ad units like AdSense. It has a very significant impact upon the amount of money that they are able to earn.

In general – the positions that are ‘hot’ can be seen on the heatmap to the right (this is the official AdSense heatmap which they put together from their own research and observations of where ads work best. You can see how anywhere at the top of content can work best but that in general above the fold and to the left seems to be the ‘hotter areas’.

This does vary from blog to blog and there are some specific spots that work best on blogs. The key is to try different things and to find what works best on your blog.

Darren Rowse, the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School, shared that one afternoon he decided to move his ad unit from the banner position to this spot at the top left hand side of his post area and that night he logged into AdSense to see what the results were like after a few hours before going to bed he saw his CTR 40% and the CTR was up by just under 50% in the following morning. That means 50% increase in his earnings for the change.

2. Putting More Ads on Your Page
It’s not rocket science – but one of the quickest ways to increase your blog’s earnings is to add more advertising to your blog. Of course it’s not just a matter of slapping as many ads as possible on your blog – but more on that later in this post.
Darren Rowse said “adding two extra ad units didn’t triple my earnings (the ads were further down the page and got less attention than the top one) but they did significantly increase my earnings virtually immediately”

  • Try Link Units

To add an AdSense unit on a page is to use the ‘link unit’. These ad units come in two varieties (although numerous sizes). You can see the full variety of units here but here’s how they look.

  • Mix and Match Ad Networks

The other way to add more ad units on a page is to look at other ad networks than AdSense. AdSense allows you to place other ad networks ads on the same page as theirs as long as the other ads don’t ‘mimic’ the AdSense units. This means you can’t use YPN on the same page but you can use Chitika, ShoppingAds, WidgetBucks, Shopzilla and others.

3. Ad Design
Changing the positioning and numbers of ads has seen significant changes in AdSense earnings at different times – ad design can have a similar impact.

There are a number of different AdSense ad design strategies that bloggers have used over the years. Lets look at four of them:

  •  Contrasting AdSense Ads

When you first started experimenting with AdSense the trend among publishers was to do everything possible to make the ads be seen. The theory is that if people see the ads they’ll be more likely to click them. The result was some of the most horrendous color combinations that you’ll ever see put together in an AdSense unit. But this combination was commonplace a few years ago. Number of publishers back in that day saying that a Red/Yellow combination worked best.

  • Blended AdSense Ads

As a result the trend moved from ‘clashing’ ads to what was known as a ‘blended’ approach.
The keys to this approach were to set the background and borders of ad units to match the background of the site that they were going. In doing so you removed any border/boundary between the ad and your content.
The Title was then made to be the same color as links on the site. Text was made to match the color of text on the site and the URL field either was made to match the title OR to be as light a color as possible (a light grey) so as to blend into the background as much as possible.

  • Complementary AdSense Ads

Over the last couple of years another term has crept into AdSense publisher circles to describe ads – ads that ‘complement’ a site.
These ads are similar to blended ads but they don’t completely blend in. They complement the colors of the site but aim to also stand out a little by adding a different background and border color. The color you use might be unique to the ads but still ‘match’ the overall colors on the site.

  • Designer AdSense Ads

Most publishers still use a blended or complementary approach but over the last few years a number of AdSense publishers have played with incorporating different design elements around their ads to integrate them even more fully into the site.
There was a period where publishers got away with aligning images directly beside, above or below ads – AdSense cracked down on this and now don’t allow it at all – however there are ways to incorporate the ads into the design of your site.

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