tinyBlog – WordPress Tumblog Theme

tinyBlog is a Premium WordPress theme which uses the Wootumblog plugin to make your WordPress site behave like a Tumblr site.

This is a fast growing segment and we feel we have something great to offer. So we got to work converting one of our popular tumblr themes, micro.Inkdrop, into a fully fledged WordPress theme packed with all the Obox goodness.

As we worked on the theme it started to take on a look of its own and what you effectively see is a theme that is completely rewritten and restyled. Very little remains from micro.Inkdrop, hence the renaming.

This theme will form the basic framework for all future Obox WP tumblog themes just as mag.Press has formed the basis for all our latest themes.



Features include:

  • Wootumblog compatibility
  • Layout color selector (as opposed to preset color schemes)
  • Typography manager (first of it’s kind in this market?)
  • Archives page
  • Full Width Page
  • Advertising management
  • Google Analytics installer
  • Logo uploader
  • Twitter & Facebook sharing
  • Short URL integration
  • A slick image slider for image post types

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