The Firm – WordPress Business Theme

The Firm is built for business owners who either want to continually update their site, or for those who just want to set it up once and then not have to worry about having to create new content every second day. Packed with two new custom page templates as well as a new custom post type this is definitely one crack-a-lacking business/CMS theme.



In previous business themes, creating info boxes for your home page has been a clumsy affair. We never liked the clunky way that you had to add pages etc. in order to get it to work.

With The Firm we have created a custom post type particularly for this task which means less confusion during setup and easier management of the boxes.

Feature Templates

Two new page templates have also been created specifically for this theme. The first is a Features template which is designed for specific Application or Product features, it is easy to scan and is what we had initially laid out for our own OCMX page on Obox. So it comes from a good place.

The second is a new Portfolio sub page which features its own unique layout to the rest of the site. Often with Business themes the Portfolio sub page is either neglected or it uses the blog post layout. In this case the featured image sits in the left column and all the info is neatly laid out in the right column. It avoids clutter, looks slick and once again is easy to navigate and maintain.

The Portfolio listing page also allows you to create categories of your work (e.g.: Web, Print, Mobile) and list them separately.


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