TF Smooth Drupal 6 – Drupal Themes


  • 8 different theme color ( dark (default), azure, carmine, lemon, olive, sepia, turquoise, violet)
  • 16 or 12 column Easy-Grid, no math, no hassle
    • Automatic (or manual) grid-aligned block widths
    • Advanced block positioning within grid using CSS indenting classes
  • Fixed or fluid layout
    • 960px fixed width
    • 100%, 95%, 90%, or 85% fluid width
  • 0, 1 or 2 sidebars


    • Adjustable sidebar widths, auto-adjusting content width

    • Sidebar positions: split, both left, both right
  • 15 regions, supporting any number of blocks
    • Blocks can be dropped under to form multiple rows in a region
  • Per-region equal height blocks
  • Collapsible regions × configurable sidebars × adjustable block widths = thousands of possible layouts for every theme!


  • Font families: serif (large & small), sans serif (large & small), Myriad, and Lucida font families
  • Font sizes: nine levels of base font sizes
  • Google Fonts API

Output Formatting

  • Search results: selectively display information shown with search results
  • Username: disable “not verified” text for anonymous commenters
  • Breadcrumbs: hide or display breadcrumbs

Administration & Development

  • GZip CSS and Minify JavaScript Improving Drupal’s page loading performance
  • Block administration hover links for quick access to block configuration
  • Grid overlay for easy block and content alignment
  • Rebuild theme registry setting to eliminate cache clearing while developing in the theme
  • Avoid Internet Explorer 31 stylesheet limit feature for development (not for production use)
  • Local.css file included so customized css is not overwritten by an upgrade

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