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Hello there. This is Protoss, a clean and beautiful corporate template for Joomla! 2.5 featuring a fully responsive and retina ready design. Protoss also features K2 Component with fully responsive design and a unique look and feel, DNP Slider – the best responsive slider for Joomla! and DNP Portfolio the best responsive portfolio/media filter for Joomla!

The template loads fast, avoids compatibility issues, it’s framework FREE and fully responsive. It comes with REAL Quickstart Installation Package for Joomla! 2.5 (Please note that some images are replaced with watermarked images), various extensions and PSD Sources for various graphics used on the demo site.

I am constantly updating all my templates so please check the bottom of this page for changelog.


Key Features

  • Framework FREE Template – here a RESPONSIVE template far from headakes and trouble with light coding and pretty much perfect.
  • DNP Slider Module – The Best RESPONSIVE Slider for Joomla. It’s Awesome!
  • DNP Porfolio Module a powerful and RESPONSIVE portfolio filter powered by jQuery Isotope. Supports videos too! Properly licensed.
  • K2 Content Component Support with beautiful template overrides and unique customizations
  • AJAX Search Module with a unique look and feel.
  • Unique Login Register Popup Module witch reCaptcha.
  • Unique Feedback Popup Module.
  • Unique, XHTML valid and typographically consistent design.
  • News Show Pro GK4 Module.
  • Tabs GK5 Module.
  • Module Description – a unique feature to add a short module description below the module title.
  • Tiptip – when hovering links the titles look awesome.
  • 3 color variations: blue, green and orange.
  • 50+ Handpicked Google Webfonts.
  • 220+ Icons by Font Awesome.
  • 3 UNIQUE Menu styles.
  • Custom error and offline pages RESPONSIVE .
  • Beautiful and RESPONSIVE CSS3 powered typography with 2 styles price tables, bubbles, blockquotes, lists and everything you need for your content.
  • 30+ Module Positions.
  • Various Module Styles.
  • jQuery 1.8 minimized included & running in “noConflict()” mode for various template features.
  • jQuery Browser detection script adds a class for each browser type and/or version. Example: browserIE, browserIE7, browserSafari.
  • Automatic Adjustments to enhance template typography and forms for a fully automated and RESPONSIVE design.
  • Complete Documentation.
  • Professional Support.

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