TF Juxter – WordPress Themes

Juxter is a powerful, clean, elegant and feature-rich WordPress theme that you’ll love.

Simplicity of Use

Juxter comes with over 310 useful customization controls that will let you setup your blog to your liking.

However, with so many options comes the risk of things getting confusing quite quickly. Not with Juxter. The backend is designed to be dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly – showing you only the options you need, making the entire process a snap.


You’ll find useful hints spread throughout the backend. These hints (some are inline, some are regular bubbles, and some are ‘red’ bubbles for extra attention) contain everything from general description, direct links and even screenshots.

Juxter Features – At a Glance

  • Layout Control – Control your layout by rearranging Modules. Have different layouts for Home Page and the rest of the site. Additionally you can unlimited layouts for any section of your site.
  • Click-and-Drag Layout Manager – Simply click and drag to Rearrange/Add/Delete modules like Sliders, Carousals, Content, Message, Galleries etc.

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