TF Gigawatt – WordPress Themes

Widgetized Home Page – Allows for unlimited videos to be displayed in a categorized format.

Short URL Support – New addition to an Obox Theme, we are using Googles shorten url plugin.

oEmbed Support – Simply cut & paste the url of your video and we will get the embed code for you!

Self Hosted Video Support – Gigawatt allows you to upload and host your videos on your own site. Simply use the JPlayer plugin to add the videos and we will do the rest by packaging it in the awesome theme design.

HD and SD video selectors – Give your HD videos the space and attention they deserve with a massive 940px wide view port.

Works as a Standard Blog too! – If you want to use this as a normal blog with images instead of videos, it is 100% possible. We have made sure to include our standard image uploader with auto-resizing and filters.

Portfolio Section – Show off your latest work with our special portfolio template page. The template offers three different column layouts to choose from.

One dark and two light Color Schemes – Gigawatt is packed with three great color schemes including two light versions and a dark one, all with an awesome subtle grunge texture designed by Paravel.

Responsive Design

This theme is Responsive! – When viewing the demo, be sure to resize your browser window – there are some cool responsive effects going on here. What’s the benefit you may ask? Well it means that your site will look good on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

By having a site which is “device agnostic” you ensure that whoever is visiting your site will have the best browsing experience possible on the device they are viewing it with. No compromise.

Obox Mobile Compatible

How it works – Obox Mobile works by detecting supported devices like iPhones, Android & Blackberry and more, serving an optimized theme instead of your regular desktop theme.

Want to know more? – Find out how you can turn your site into a mobile friendly experience when your visitors view your site on their phones: Obox Mobile

WooCommerce Compatibility

Sales Analytics – Keep birds-eye view of incoming sales and reviews, stock levels and general store performance and statistics all from the WordPress dashboard.

Shipping & Tax – WooCommerce have built in comprehensive shipping settings enabling you to define shipping costs per product, or declare a flat rate for all your products, you can also offer free shipping. Extend these options with our table rate shipping extension to define different shipping rates for various countries, or different weight brackets.

Create & Sell all kinds of Products – WooCommerce’s product management is focused on ease-of-use; if you’re comfortable writing & publishing a post within WordPress, adding products to WooCommerce will be a similar breeze.

Payment Gateways – If you don’t want to go through the trouble of adding your own payment gateway, WooCommerce already supports a wide variety of popular payment gateways for you that are Plug & Play.

Much much more – WooCommerce is an incredibly impressive eCommerce plugin that continues to get better. Read more about their features here.

eCommerce Features

New slider – With the eCommerce version of Gigawatt we have updated the slider with a whole bunch of options. You can now choose the type of content you want to display (blog, product or portfolio posts). If you choose the product display, we have included an overlay showing the name and description of the product in the slider.

Also new is the inclusion of the slider in the product page, so if you have more than one image to show the slider will automatically appear.

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