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Classico Implements few JavaScript Libraries so we can have dynamic and interactive Front End for Costumers and PhpThumb Library to speed up image interpretations, so we can run our web site quickly and lightly but isn’t necessary to view the site if the user have javascript disabled.



Submit contact form dynamically without refreshing page. Used in Contact Page Template. Script File: theme/js /jquery.form.js Read more:


Used for column layouts throughout the site. You likely won’t need to change this file. More information about the 960 grid system can be found at Location: theme/css/960.css


The first one is a generic reset file. Many browser interpret the default behavior of html elements differently. By using a general reset CSS file, we can work round this. This file also contains some general styling, such as anchor tag colors, font-sizes, etc. Keep in mind, that these values might be overridden somewhere else in the file. Location: theme/css/reset.css

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