TF City Magazine – The Most Advanced – Drupal Themes

City Magazine is a complete bunch of awesomeness of beautiful web-design with extensive power of Drupal

CMS Magazine is a Powerful Professional Premium Drupal theme. It comes with an impressive fully customizable jQuery homepage slider with more than 10 different jQuery effects together with fixed/fluid,  1, 2, 3 Column Layout Options on a click.



Whether you’re a Drupal pro or just a beginner, this theme has you covered. With the advanced theme settings and block settings you have complete control over the look and style of your theme. Add as many images you like to your homepage slider, add as many widgets in your sidebar as you like, adjust sidebar positions like all in left, all in right and split sidebar’s (one in left and one in right side of the main content area), change width/color/style of you sidebar block as you want, add custom text and images with the help of pre configured latest ck editor, change the layout style from fixed width to fluid and much more, all without having to touch a single line of code!

Features of City Magazine at a glance

  • 17 flexible Regions
  • Fixed/ Fluid Layout Options.
  • 1, 2, 3 Column Layout Options.
  • 11 (eleven) Color/background options.
  • jQuery front featured slider
  • jQuery animated any level menu.
  • Cross Browser Compaitible (All major browsers including ie6, ie7, ie8, firefox, safari, chrome)
  • jQuery Powered Dynamic Display Block, a beautiful front featured.
  • Advanced theme settings.
  • Advanced block settings.
  • Extensive Block Flexibility.
  • Special Skinr Classes
  • 3 Block themes.
  • Animated Quick Tabs.
  • Typewriter style quick news block.
  • Beautifully themed Contact Form in the bottom for your quick contact for your website users.
  • Advanced Typography Options.
  • Sub-Theming facility. (Easily Update/upgrade your Theme)
  • Get Drupal 7 Version for free if you have purchased Drupal 6 Version of it.

Theme features:

  • jQuery Slider
    – Create story, upload image and make it visible in featured slide show at a single click
    – More than 10 different jQuery effects that you can change from block settings page.
    – Change visibility if you want to appear it on any other page other than front page then just change the block visibility from block settings page and you are done.
  • jQuery Drop-down menu
  • jQuery News Ticker
    – See typewriter type news ticker working above the tabbed blocks in footer on the home page.
  • Animated Quick Tabs
    – Easily create Animated quick tabs, just create quick tabs from admin area and assign them in any region that you want to and they will working animated without any hassle.

– See Quick ticker working above the tabbed blocks in footer on the home page.

  • 2 Sidebars
    – Change sidebar widths
    – Adjust sidebar position as you want to appear on your theme.
    – Easily remove sidebar on If you don’t want to appear any sidebar on your page just don’t put any block in the sidebar and the main content will cover up that sidebar space.
  • Adjustable sidebar positions
    – All Sidebar in left of main content area
    – All Sidebar’s in right
    – Split sidebar’s (one in left and one in right side of the main content area)
  • Page Templates
    – Full Width (no Sidebar)
    – Page with 1 Sidebar
    – Page with 2 Sidebar
  • Layout Options
    – One Column Layout
    – Two Column Layout
    – Three Column Layout
  • Multiple Skins(background)/Color Options
    – Select from 11 Custom Skins(background)/Color options from theme settings page
  • All Drupal default content types are themed, click the below links to preview the themed content types
    – Blog
    – Book
    – Forum
    – Poll
    – Page
    – Page
  • Advanced Typography
    – See advanced typography options
  • Various Advanced Theme settings and Block Settings
    – See advanced theme settings.
    – See advanced block settings.
    – Change width of the block on a click and create the vast flexibility’s
    – Extensive Block Flexibility.
  • 3 Block themes and 11 block heading colors
    – Easily change block themes out of 3 available block styles from block settings page.
    – Easily change color of the block title from the 11 color options available at block settings page.
  • 2 featured created blocks using views module as Recent Blog Post’s and Top Stories Of The Week
    – While writing your content just click on check box if you want to appear it on featured views or not and it will start appearing there.
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
    – Show/hide breadcrumb visibility from theme settings page.
  • Comes with install profile
    – Just download the theme, install it and that’s it, you can start posting you content
    – No additional programming/theming required.
    – Post your content easily with latest Ck Editor
  • Extensive Documentation Included

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