Text Link Ads Module

This module makes it extremely easy to display ads on your website from Text-Link-Ads, a good alternative or addition to Google AdSense. This module will handle all of the technical aspects of the advertising system. It uses the standard Text-Link-Ads code and adds several Joomla!-specific improvements:




* Simple Installation – Installs like any other Joomla! extension.
* Automatic creation of your XML file – Text-Link-Ads require you to manually create an XML file on your server, but this module takes care of it for you regardless of your server configuration.
* Simple Setup – Enter your XML Key and XML Filename from Text-Link-Ads in the module settings page.
* Simple CSS Styling – There are standard CSS classes for vertical or horizontal styling. This means you can duplicate the module and run one vertically for a right or left side position on some pages, and run a horizontal version at the top or bottom of other pages (JoomlaDigger.com does this. Text-Link-Ads are displayed vertically to the left on this page, and horizontally at the top of the Support page). You can further adjust the CSS styles to match your website by editing the mod_text_link_ads.css file under the ‘modules’ folder on your site.

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