This is my first attempt at a Joomla extension. It’s a very simple, and probably useless, add-on to get the visitors to your site linking through to the various Social Networking sites you may be registered with. I created the package for my own use, but figured that it wasn’t going to hurt putting it here for anyone else to use.


Stalker is also available in Component & Plugin forms. Module version >= 1.0.0 is required to work with the component, however the Module will continue to operate standalone (as it does now) if you don’t want to install the component.

The component extends the functionality in that you can now add any Social Networks that haven’t been added so far. Additionally, you can re-order icons etc.

Stalker comes with approx 45 Social Networks ready to go, but you can now add any new networks you wish.

Stalker also supports iconsets. Now you can change the style of the icons to better suit you or your site!! There is also an Import/Export option for the Social Networks in the component. I’m hoping that users who’ve added new networks to the component will Export their list and email it to me so I can create a master list of Social Networks that others can import. No personal information is exported, it is ONLY the list of Social Networks.

PLEASE NOTE: Stalker now has a new home!!

1.3.0 (08/07/11)
– Stalker updated to work with Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.
– Added french translation
– Added Google+ to the list of social networks

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