Space Race – Landing Page

Space Race is a quick and expansive design that allows you to collect email addresses for the upcoming launch or release of your app, site, business, or brand!

What’s included?

  • A completely responsive and liquid layout, so you can collect emails from any device.
  • One space age color palette.
  • Completely imageless design, so adding your own colors couldn’t be any easier.
  • A snazzy box for inputting emails (just connect with mail chimp and you’re done).
  • Three sections to describe your site or app, your team, and show off your tweets.
  • A dynamic, twitter feed with smooth animations for extra swag.
  • A large, footer for directing to other pages.
  • PSD with all of the bootstrap assets in layers.

Like legos

  • Change the color theme with ease (no images).
  • Easily add a like and tweet button to the email bar, so show when submitted.
  • Quickly make new pages, using the bootstrap assets.

With Space Race, the only limitations are your imagination!

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