SmartAddons – SJ Sport News v1.1 – Template For Joomla 2.5 – Retail

SmartAddons – SJ Sport News v1.1 – Template For Joomla 2.5 – Retail | 30,8 MB


Today, a new template for JoomShopping component – SJ Sport News Template has been released. You can use this template for introducing products like sports, fashion, accessories, devices, etc.

When it comes to online shopping, your business obviously needs an e-shop that sells. Having spent much time working passionately with the webshop idea, we are so proud to introduce our new template for Joomshopping component – SJ Sport News. Our professional team pay attention not only to create an eye-catching interface but also to take care of every detail that helps your customers feel comfortable to shop. With just a few click your customer can easily access to placing an order online.

Don’t blow your chance to get more loyal customers!

SJ Sports News template is compatible with a wide range of products such as Sports, Fashion, Accessories, Devices, etc.

With content component, you can provide visitors with latest news or product information. It is easy to configure in administrator to show price, product rating, viewers, comments…This component can also support great features for payment like purchase order, multiple currencies, tax management… In SJ Sport News template, we supported some commercial extensions

– YT Content Slideshow II: to highlight best-seller/new items or hot news on the top of the site

– YT Mega News II: to show news of categories with tooltip for brief description or article information like comments, read times, date – time.

– YT News Extra Slider: to display articles from multiple pages in beautiful slider

– So Article Slider: to show articles in slider with 18 different themes

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