Smart SEO

Smart SEO will help you overcome problems with components’ SEO compatibility and accessibility to certain pages such as category blog layouts, forum pages, virtuemart categories and products, sobi2 entries and all other popular components.


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Smart SEO is a powerful plugin developed for Joomla Based websites. This plugin has many advantages designated to overcome problems that every SEO expert and non-expert encounters when working with Joomla! websites.

Smart SEO does not remove or edit you existing meta-tags! your current tags will be used unless you have not specified any other values for them using the plugin.
You can always go back to using them by clearing all the fields on the Smart SEO panel and clicking apply.

With Smart SEO you can edit Meta tags and title attributes for every page and component!

*Minor Release 0.7D.1*
Minor bug fixed for both Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 Versions

Following up with requests from our users, we’ve added a tiny (yet great) feature – character counters! now you know exactly how long your meta data is!

The new version includes a great new feature – Indicating lights! now you can quickly tell if you’ve added information for the current page, just by looking at the top panel!

Also in this version, as asked by many of our users:
Added an ACL option for the plugin, allowing you to set Smart SEO Panel visibility option for a certain user access level and up!
This is great if you have someone else doing your SEO for you and you don’t want them to have Super Admin access to your website.

Changes in Installation process:
please notice there are now two file in the download package.
1) unzip the package first – don’t install it!
2) Select the one of the two zip file according to your Joomla version (1.5.x or 1.6.x)
3) Unzip the right zip file, and install each of the zip files found in it.
4) install each zip file from the package separately.
5) install first
4) then install

Smart SEO has been tested on:
Red Shop
CC Board
Kunena Forums
Easy FAQ
JCal Pro
Community Builder
jSeblod CCK

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