Smart News Free Template for Joomla 1.7

In Smart News Template, we supported 10 commercial extensions which includes both module and plugin. You can use these extensions for showing articles at various positions on the template.

On the top of the template, you can use Yt News Frontpage module with 4 nice themes for presenting new articles. In the content, you can use Yt Mega News II – one of the newest modules for content of us or Yt News Ajax Tabs, Yt News Scrollbar, Yt Content Simple Tabs.



You absolutely can customize these modules for your site if you want to change another design. In the center of the template, you can use So Article Slider module for showing special articles. At the bottom of the template, we used Yt Content Category for showing categories follow many subjects. Specially, let’s move to the top of Smart News Template again, you will see a menu with many enjoyful things which we showed.

That is Yt Mega Menu. You can install this module into any templates which you want. Here we support for 4 types of showing menu – CSS Menu, Moo Menu, Mega Menu, Dropline. Otherwise, we used some free extensions for the template. On the top, we use Yt Titleflash module. With layouts which have 2-3 columns on the left or right, we have some free extensions like as: Yt Module Tabs, Yt News Basic, Yt Multi Video, Yt Gallery. Besides, in each detail article, we used Yt Mega Popup for showing image, iframe, video…

Following list is main features of Smart News Template


  • Support for Joomla 1.7
  • Support for many types of menu: Moo Menu, CSS Menu, Dropline Menu and Mega Menu
  • Support RTL, LTR language
  • Support Module Variations
  • Support many extensions: Yt News Frontpage, Yt Mega News II, Yt News Ajax Tabs, Yt Content Simple Tabs, Yt News Scrollbar, So Article Slider, Yt Content Category, Yt Content Accordion
  • Support Typography: Images Styling, Icons style, Buttons
  • Support Site Styles: blue and black
  • Support for Window layout, Mobile layout, Iphone layout, Android layout and Handheld layout
  • Compatible IE 7+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome
  • Support Lavalamp Effect for Moo Menu and Mega Menu

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