Slider Images

New Module made in jQuery / CSS. You can configure the colors and measurements directly from the manager module.
Install it from your joomla administrator or uncompressed and uploading to the directory your joomla modules.
Edit the module from the module manager (edit the module named mod_slider_images). Activate it, select the folder where you have the images and configure the module.

Tips for proper configuration of the module:
Set the module measures before cutting or scaling the images you use. Set measures depending on the number of buttons to display and the size you want to use for images.
You can also resize the button text and color of the module.
To enter the titles and descriptions of the images using the parameter “images titles by line”, where the first subway line is the first button, the second to the next, … . Write the title and use the sign “:” to write a description. For example:

Title: description

Use the parameter “images link by line” to assign a link to each button.

Depending on the module can inherit template styles and change their appearance, use the parameter “Module Class Suffix” to prevent it.

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