SJ Video Player

SJ Video Player is a lightweight flash video player with playlist , fully customizable and easy to setup. Supports .flv and .mp4 video formats and unlimited number of items in the playlist. You can have the playlist in the right or at the bottom of the player, color options,width,height, multiple player skins and many other features. It has the option to create folders for videos and thumbnails, upload videos, upload and resize thumbnails and create playlists directly from back end.


v1.0 Options

– Background Color
– Mouse Over Color
– Item Selected Color
– Composition Color
– Text Color
– Horizontal positioning
– Vertical positioning
– Playlist Width
– Playlist Height
– Playlist Item Width
– Playlist Item Height
– Playlist Text Width
– Stage Color
– Playbar Skin Color
– Playbar Skin Autohide
– Playbar Skin (44 skins)
– Stage Width
– Stage Height
– Autoplay enable/disable
– Movie Quality
– Window mode
– Select playlist


– Create folder for videos from back end
– Upload videos from back-end in your created video folder
– Create thumbnails folder
– Upload thumbnails photo with resize options
– Create playlist from back end with a nice fancy button and write description for videos from it.(no need to know any xml language).

-.mp4 format support

-player width
-player height

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