Simplex – Deceptively Simple

A simple, fast loading design with fresh, vibrant colors on your choice of a dark or light background.

Cool contrast switcher

When you mouse over the light bulb icon a toggle contrast button appears. To toggle between dark or light backgrounds just hit the button. How cool is that? It also uses cookies to remember which color the user has chosen and will keep that as the default until it is changed.

Heaps of options at a glance..

Simplex may be simple and fast loading but it’s not short of options. Take a look:

  • 2 menus, one top and one left with the option of adding more to the left
  • 3 color options for left, top and bottom modules
  • collapsible sidebar to allow for full width content
  • collapsible green and orange feature boxes
  • fully XHTML and CSS Compliant
  • 5 module positions

Want more detail? Here it is!

We have catered for lots of content, so if you require two or more menus then this template is ideal. You can also add additional menus to the left column if required
Color options
There are three color options for the left, top and bottom modules. Choose from blue, green or dark/light modules. These can be either in the left sidebar or in the top and bottom inset positions. The sidebar uses light and the inset use grey
Collapsible sidebar to allow for full width content
If no modules are assigned to the left module position, the sidebar will automatically collapse. This is a great feature for those content heavy pages, where you want to give the user an optimal reading area.
Collapsible modules
All inset modules can be used to promote your various products, services or features on the site. These are fully collapsible and are only shown if they are assigned to the set module position.
Five Module Positions
Simplex makes use of 5 module positions throughout the template, including the footer menu which is a module position linked to a menu to make adding footer links that much easier
Fully XHTML and CSS Compliant
As with all our templates, Simplex is full XHTML and CSS Compliant. Special attention is applied to making sure that all our templates only use semantic markup, which is highly beneficial for making the content easily recognised by search engines. Where possible, we have separated all presentational elements from the core content. This can be seen by viewing the site with images turned off, or CSS styling turned off. Not only does it make the site load faster, but also keeps the content nice and clean.

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