simple google style Dropdown menu with jQuery

we’ll show you how to create a jquery dropdown menu with google style, it also can be use as a “fixed” menu.

The most important thing on this menus is the css file , we are going to use jquery just to make appear o disappear the secundary options but all the magic is arround the css.
We are going to imitate the google style, if you check the google code you can see too many divs UL li and span elements, the idea is do the same without the extra elements, so we are going to use a simple ul li list, and everything will be wrapped there.


The HTML code

As we said we start with the clasical structure.
we have ul elements, li elements and links, every li element could have an ul element inside, that means it has a sub menu
also there is an span element that its optional due we are going to put an arrow there.