Simple Black theme PrestaShop

This theme is based on the PrestaShop Default theme to maintain the same level of functionality:

  • no PrestaShop core files modified
  • only minor modifications made to some of the TPL files – no functionality changes, only some of the layout controls
  • altered only the CSS sheets and images
  • theme is responsive for mobile devices
  • built for & tested with PS –


I know some of you may drop the ball here saying “it’s just the re-work of the default theme” and I say yes, it’s exactly that. Maybe there is someone looking for something simple but a bit personalized. I hope you’ll like this one then! :rolleyes:


If you decide to use this theme on your live stores, please help me spread the word by NOT removing the reference from the footer. Since I’m sharing this theme for free, I think that’s the least you can do as a little thank-you gesture.


Should you have any bug reports, compatibility experience, improvement ideas or any feedback you would like to share, please feel free to do so here!



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