ShackSlides Joomla Extention

ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style. The most powerful feature of ShackSlides is the ability to utilize content items as the source for your slideshow.

Since it is built using an independent javascript slideshow script, it doesn’t matter if you are using jQuery, Mootools, any other Javascript framework or no framework. This reduces the number of script conflicts and problems you will have with combining too many different extensions.



It works on Joomla 1.5-1.7, and support K2, FlexiContent, and Joomla content (so long as the extensions function in the Joomla version).

You can easily customize the way it appears by using one of the color themes, and, if you wish, you can override the entire way that it display using Joomla’s HTML overrides method.

New features will be added over time, so if you have a great idea for the module let us know! We’d like to build a slideshow module that you need rather than build a module that we think you want.


ShackSlides is released under the GNU GPL v3 license. You can read the full license at  Your purchase includes access to support and upgrades for 3 months.


  • Over 10 effect options!
  • Support for 4 sources: Joomla Content, K2 Items, FlexiContent Items, or a folder
  • 8 color themes
  • Can be overridden with a template override
  • Slides can be linked to content or an images directory
  • Optional descriptions pulled from content
  • Javascript neutral, runs no matter what Javascript library is in use
  • Easy to translate

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